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"One Smart Sugar" - The Sugar Trehalose

Trehalose is a naturally occurring sugar about 45% as sweet as sucrose and has a clean profile which means it has no aftertaste.

Trehalose is a white crystalline dehydrate powder produced from tapioca/starch. It is a nonreducing disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules bonded by an á,á - 1, 1 glycosidic link which is stable at low pH conditions and is non-hygroscopic, which results in a free-flowing dry crystal that is stable to 94% humidity. It is made by a patented enzymatic Hayashibara process.

Trehalose has known protein and cell membrane stabilizing capabilities and may preserve and protect multiple normal biological systems by protecting the cell proteins and interfering with the production of protein cluster aggregates.

Trehalose may maintain and help the body’s natural cellular processes of protein turnover and reduce neurological cell stress. All verification of efficacy is declared null and void where prohibited by law.

Trehalose is determined to be generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use in foods in general in accordance with the current good manufacturing practices. Canada approved trehalose as a food in 2005 and trehalose is now approved as a food in over 40 countries world wide.

One of the fascinating aspects of trehalose is its presence in various organisms that can survive at the extremes of temperature and dehydration. This observation led to work which showed that trehalose is a naturally occurring reducer of cell stress, protecting these organisms from extremes in heat shock and osmotic stress (Crowe 2002).

Trehalose is thought to act by altering or replacing the water shell that surrounds lipid and protein macromolecules (Colaco et al. 1995). It is thought that its flexible glycosidic bond allows trehalose to conform with the irregular polar groups of marcromolecules.

In so doing, it is able to maintain the three-dimensional structure of these biologic molecules under stress, preserving biologic function.

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Sugar Trehalose
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